The Perilous

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The Perilous is an airship in the Albion Fleet.

Known Former Crew Members Edit

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  • Grimm's bosun on the Perilous had a cat that was not to be underestimated. [1]

History Edit

During mid-cruise, the Captain died and the XO was in a coma from beating; three lieutenants (Grimm, Rook and Bayard) brought her back to Spire Albion with heavy losses; Grimm, the acting captain, was drummed out of the service for cowardice in the face of the enemy, the other two were promoted to Lieutenant Commanders.

“A Fleet captain dead in midcruise, his executive officer beaten into a coma. Three young lieutenants left to bring a warship and her crew safely home through pirate skies. Lieutenants Grimm, Bayard, and Rook, to be precise.” [2]

Events Edit

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Stern, member of Grimm's crew on the Predator, followed him from the Perilous when he was a young Midshipman.[3]

Captain Esterbrook asks Grimm if he was the the captain of the Perilous, and that he heard that the Admiralty broke his sword for cowardice. He thinks it's amazing that such a captain would have come into Albion in a battle and charge a group of Marines in a dug-in position with his arm in a sling. He further thinks that "the Admiralty has its head up it nethers again." [4]

Book Refernces Edit

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