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The Itasca is an Auroran Battlecruiser commanded by Captain Castillo;

“Itasca was a ship of legend, with a battle record stretching back more than five hundred years, and the Aurorans considered her a fine prize to be given to veteran captains on the fast route to their own admiralty.” [1]

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She is heavily armored and with a very large broadside (four times larger than the Predator’s broadside);

  • has multiple Power Cores
  • large webbing capacity (great for recovering from battle damage—just reel out some more and charge it up)[2]
  • The Itasca has 30 guns in its

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  • Flies the banner of the armada of Spire Aurora: two blue stripes on a field of white with five red stars between the blue stripes.[3]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

The Itasca had laid a trap for the AMS Predator who had attacked a smaller Auroran vessel. [3]

He and his ship appear right after the Predator had captured the Mistshark—then gives chase. Predator is leading him toward the Albion Fleet, hopefully to take it down. It's important that Albion takes down such a "storied" ship as the Itasca in the opening of the war and after Albion took such a major hits and the loss of the Habble Landing Shipyards. AFS Glorious, led by Commodore Hamilton Rook, takes on Itasca, then abandons the fight and leaves Grimm to die.[2] Then appear: AMS Valliant, AFS Victorious and AFS Thunderous—they engage the Itasca. Thunderous falls first. Then Victorous. Valiant, captained by Alexander Bayard, teams with Predator. While engaging Valiant, Predator managed a direct into a gaping hole into the ship sending explosions inside it. It ends in Castillo surrendering to Francis Grimm by holding up his sword.[4]

Grimm pleads for him and his crew to the Spirearch to not be sent to the base of the Spire—it's a place of horror no slow death. Castillo surrendered to Grimm and he feels that he owes him that. They did help in the rescue of the crews of Victorious and Thunderous.[5]

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