Admiral Waton — Admiral of the Albion Fleet.

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Admiral Watson is the top commander of the Albion Fleet. [1]

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It was the Admiralty that ejected Captain Grimm from the Fleet making him an exile.

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

After the attack by Auroran ships led by ASA Ciervo, Grim knew that Admiral Watson would not listen to him, an exile when he figured out that the Aurorans intended to raid the spire by dropping marines down from their ships. So he took a landing party to ashore to slow the attack what ever way they could.[1]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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  • "I heard the Admiralty broke your sword. For cowardice." ... Kettle made a growling noise. ... Esterbrook glanced up, arching an eyebrow at Kettle. But then he turned back to Grimm, clearly waiting for an answer. ... "They did, sir," Grimm said. ... Esterbrook showed his teeth. "But you'll charge a dug-in position of Marines. With one arm in a sling." ... "It was necessary to do it," Grimm said "We all serve, sir. Some with me glory than others." ... Esterbrook seemed to consider the multiple meanings in Grimm's answer and said "Right. The admiralty has its head up its nethers again." — Captain Esterbrook and Francis Grimm [2]

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