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  • Histories of Spire Albion written by Dagget and Deen — Commonly read.[1]
  • Montclaire - another historian whose set of books were banned two centuries before for the rumors they spread about the First Spirearch of Albion.[1]
  • Means of Executiion Through the Ages” -- a thick book placed strategically in Addison’s study.[1]

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Folklore: Edit

  • Burnham's Tales and The Stories of Finch and Broom — contains (somewhat overblown) stories of Etherealists. It's unclear from context if the Stories of Finch and Broom are part of Burnham's Tales, and Finch and Broom are fictionalized etherealists, or if Bridget speaks of two separate works.

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Painting: Edit

  • Art movement: New Dawn, 200 BAW, characterized by "giddy days." [2]

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