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  • New to editing a wikia? Go HERE for some tutorials.
  • A list of all of the pages we currently have created.
  • You can do basic formatting by clicking on the edit button on the left of the page. 
  • You can do more detailed formatting by clicking on the Grey Contribute button at the top right of the page.
    • Once you've edited the page:
      • To preview your edits click the Blue words Show changes.
      • When you are happy with the edits, click the Blue button labeled Publish. 
  • When you've created a new page, please be sure to add them to the proper categories.

Things to do Edit

The glossary will likely always need updating as abbreviations are created.

Pages that need CATEGORIES. Edit

Pages that need IMAGES. Edit

Pages without LINKS. Edit

  • Search through pages for broken links and fix them.

Pages that don't exist and need creating! Edit

  • Create new needed pages and add them to the below lists to be filled out. (Aka "Wanted Pages".)

Other things to do Edit

  • Remove items from below lists that are finished. 
  • Look for pages that format improperly.
  • Edit content for clarity.
  • Grammar and spelling.
  • Hit the Random Page button at the top, read through the page and edit accordingly.

Articles that need more contentEdit

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Articles that need FormattingEdit

FYI: It is likely that everything listed in the Needs Content section needs formatting as well.