Auroran Armada, aka Auroran Fleet — About the Airships of Spire Aurora

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About every generation of so Spire Aurora sends its Armada out to plunder other Spires to support it own corruption and ineptitude as a government.[1]

Relationship with the Fleet of Spire Albion Edit

The ships of Spire Aurora and the Albion Fleet have, at best, a rivalry that at times is adversarial—and occasionally is escalates to war. Lately the tensions between them have been building for a year or so. [1]

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  • Dark red coats [2]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

The AMS Predator falls into a trap when it tries to lame an Auroan merchant ship, and gets badly damaged by the ASA Itasca, led by Captain Castillo. [4]

The Auroran ship, ASA Ciervo, with about six other ships, executes an attack on Spire Albion—bombarding the Fleet Shipyards and the Marketplace, both located in Habble Morning—the highest level. It's a diversion intended to allow the Auroran ships to land Auroran Armada in an air-drop for a well-executed raid.[5] They knew precisely where to hit Fleet Shipyards and at what angle to "minimize the effectiveness of defensive fire." And, their Marines know the Ventilation Tunnels well enough to stay hidden. Plus, they knew the exact location of the Lancaster Vattery and duplicated the uniforms of the Spirearch's Guard. They have a spy, a traitor to Spire Albion.[6] Efferus Effrenus Ferus concedes to Benedict that an Etherealist likely directed the Auroran Fleet in the precision of its attack on Albion.[7]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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