Captain Calliope Ransom commands the Mistshark.

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Calliope Ransom is the captain of the Mistshark, a merchantman airship. Her first mate is Santos. She was married to Captain Francis Grimm, but their relationship is now significantly less harmonious.

Mistshark Edit

a merchantman airship painted "smuggler black" with sails the color of storm clouds and bigger than the Predator by a third. Her ship currently flies Dalosian colors.[1]

Heritage Edit

She is apparently of Olympian stock.[2]

Description Edit

  • Sparkling green eyes, strong square face,
  • Clothing: Aeronaut's dark leather pants, white blouse with roomy selves, a tailored vest with an intricate pattern on it.

Occupation Edit

  • Merchant airship captain
  • possible smuggler
  • possible pirate

Ability / Skills Edit

Character/ Personality Edit

  • Calulating, underhanded
  • She wears a "perfectly amused smile" and impish expression
  • bows with a flourish waving her hat and spreading her arms.
  • sheer physical confidence

Details Edit

  • Kettle pleads with Grimm to let him shoot her.[1]
  • Grimm once lost a race to her when her first mate, Santos sabotaged the main Haslett cage on the AMS Predator.[1]
  • Grimm locked all of his valuables away before he let her in his cabin.[1]
  • Grimm ordered an armed "side party" on deck —three on each side of the gangplank. Grimm made Calliope remove all her weapons, even the hidden ones—under armed guard.[1]

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Events Edit

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Calliope offers Grimm a job taking a shipment to Spire Olympia. He refuses. His is not flight worthy is what he tells her, but he would have refused anyway. She is not to be trusted. She told Grim that she plundered the Auroran merchantman that Grimm had lamed while that ship's escort—Itasca—chased another ship; and she ransomed the crew. Grimm suspects something underhanded—too much coincidence—like she may have have been troop transport for the Auroran Armada dropping Auroran Marines. Grimm orders a 24-hour watch on her.[1]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

Quotes Edit

  • "Everything's mine, Francis," she replied in a merry tone. "The only question is whether or not it knows it yet." — Calliope to Grimm [1]

Book References Edit

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