Chief Maul is chief of the Silent Paws tribe of Cats.

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Maul is chief of the House of the Silent Paws based in Habble Morning. His kit is Rowl, who is like a prince to the tribe. [1]

The Chief apparently has the ear of "Longthinker", the Cat name for Lord Albion, the Spirearch of Spire Albion by the information that the chief gathers through his Whiskers—spies and hunters for the chief.[2]

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Like all tribal chiefs, Maul held his position through a dense, complicated network of one-on one connections, through building a general concensus, and the use of personal pressure and face when necessary.[3]

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A very large grey male cat, muscular, with many scars, smooth fur and notched ears.[4]

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The Spirearch, Lord Albion, has decided that it is time to recognize his tribe as official citizens of Habble Morning.[4]

The Spirearch had produced an affidavit notoroized by Judge Helena Solomon—and read at the Duel between Bridget and Reginald Astor—that Rowl and House of the Silent Paws had pledged their support to the Spirearch and were citizens in good standing of Habble Morning. It was a legal precedent and important moment in Spire Albion history.[5]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Maul makes an appearance in Franklin Tagwynn's study with Rowl taking his rightful position behind him and slightly to his side. [4] Maul sends a message to Rowl through Mirl, one of his Whiskers—"He says you are to do your duty or he'll notch your ears." He also says the Longthinker confirmed the reports of the Silent Paws scouts that New Creatures are in the Ventilation Tunnels. And, that Cats have gone missing from various other tribes, such as the Shadow Tails and the Quick Claws and about half a dozen tribes in other Habbles.[2]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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