Commodore Horatio Pine

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Commander of a merchant fleet for the Half Moon Merchant Company from Spire Olympia. He and his men had been forced to hike a mile on the Surface to get to Spire Albion. Many had been injured and they were at the Blackhorse Inn seeking refuge and medical assistance at the same time that Gwen and her friends were there.[1]

Description Edit

Broad and burly wearing green aviation leathers and coat of Olimpia, with two broad stripes on his sleeves of an airship captain. He had a red square face, and thick fists.[1]

Olympian Colors Edit

Green and Grey? [1]

Character/ Personality Edit

He's a bit gruff and surly, but genuinely takes care of his men.[1]

Details Edit

  • Gwen bought his reserved room out from under him.[1]

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Events Edit

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

[2] He and Gwen came to a disagreement over who would claim the last room at the filled -up Black Horse Inn. Efferus Effrenus Ferus has a vision and warns Gwen and Benedit to prime their weapons nod handed Pine a chair to use as a weapon seconds before a Silkweaver Matriarch burst through the door.[1]

Pine fought against the silkweaver with the rest at The Blackhorse Inn. We don’t know if he survived being thrown by the Silkweaver matriarch.[3]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

Quotes Edit

  • "Bloody Albion fuss others . . . " He took a deep breath is idly controlling more vile language, and then said, ""Pine. Commodore Hortio Pine of the Half Moon Merchant company out of Olympia. And I don't give a tenth-crown who you are. That suite was reserved for my captains and myself, and we've just walked a mile on the Surface to get to this bloody Spire and nearly got shot up by your bloody Fleet when we finally made it through. I'm in no mood for games."[1]

Book References Edit

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