Core Crystals, aka Power Core, aka Power Core Crstals — power source

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Core Crystals are priceless power sources and the provide the power and electricity to power all the other systems on an airship. They need to be of a certain size and density to serve as an airship's power core. They had to grown over the course of decades and centuries.

All current crystal production is under commission to the Fleet. That means that only a set number of core crystals were available to private owners and would not part with them for any price. In recent centuries, the High Houses have been slowly acquiring them.[1]

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Designed to draw in etheric energy and output in the form of electricty. Power Core crystals are grown with the "complex pathways needed to route Etheric energy into a rising surplus, converting it into bottled lightning.[2]

If an airship's core crystal is struck by enemy fire it will explode with enough force to annihilate the ship carrying it as well as anything near it.

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They grow more capable of efficiently channeling Etheric energy with age. A power Crystal is not considered to be in its prime until it's been used for at least a century to make it in better condition. A Crystal the age of the one on the Predator (a few thousand years) would be able to produce more electricity from less Etheric energy. What that means is that it could sail more places, farther and farther from the main Etheric currents—and do it more swiftly.[3]

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Power Core on the Predator Edit

It is a first generation power core Crystal—a few thousand years old from before they started developing facets. It didn't have the usual jewel-faceted shape. It was more natural-looking like the "shaft of a glowing emerald quartz".[3]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Commodore Hamilton Rook tries to force Grimm into relinquishing the AMS Predator to acquire its core crystal.[1] Gwen takes a look at the Power Core Crystal on the Predator and her eyes pop.[3]

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