The Council is a part of the government of Spire Albion.

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About Edit

The Spire Council is the ruling government and seems to be run by the High Houses.

Location Edit

The Council apparently is based at the Spirearch Manor where the government, the Guard, and the Spirearch are all based.

Duties and Purpose Edit

  • making laws
  • day-to-day business of running the Spire
  • Declare war [1]

Prime Minister / Leader Edit

Lord Lancaster

Known Members of the Council Edit

Not yet told

Connections Edit

Events Edit

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

The Council is voting to declare war on Spire Aurora after their attack by the Ciervo and the invasion by the Auroran Marines.[1] Alexander Bayard informs Grimm that they declared war on Spire Aurora.[2]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

Book References Edit

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