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A highly valuable substance. It is mostly used only for practical purposes such as protective clothing and webbing, and only the wealthiest can afford to use it extensively and frivolously.


  • Ethersilk is used in the etheric webbing that is erected around airships, allowing them to move.[1]
  • It is also used in a tunic like a bulletproof vest as part of a Guardsman's or Aeronaut's gear. Etheric Weapons will have little effect on a piece of clothing with high-quality ethersilk in the lining.[2]


One of the reasons that ethersilk is so valuable is that it is produced by the silkweavers, who are virtually untameable, aggressive and toxic. [3]

In its original form, the ethersilk forms enormous ropes.[4] [5]

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A contains small nodules of ethersilk all over the floor—possibly cradles for little silkweavers. It also contained a huge cradle high above the floor for the Silkweaver matriarch. [5]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

The Predator put up its Etheric webbing made of ethersilk.[1] The crew of the Predator wore tunics lined with ethersilk—they were old, the silk harvested a generation ago. They would only be effective against an indirect blast from a moderate range. They were the best Grimm was able to find for his men—better than no armor.[6] The coat lined with high-quality ethersilk that Grimm got from Efferus Effrenus Ferus likely saved his life in the skirmish at the Lancaster Vattery.[6] Major Renaldo Espira threatens his men with: "I will send every one of you up the ropes."[7]

The House Nine-Claws escorted Bridget, Rowl and Folly to a passageway in the Ventilation Tunnels of Habble Landing that had a hole in the roof with "ropes" of ethersilk hanging out of it.[3] With the help of Folly and her Lumin crystals using the ethersilk to make light, Bridget discovers a silkweaver nest above the hole where the ropes of ethersilk were hanging. It was filled with a treasure of ethersilk. And and enormous bower for the silkweaver matriarch. The implications of the threat to Spire Albion were enormous.[5]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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