Fleet, aka Albion Fleet, aka Home Fleet. aka Aetherium Fleet of Spire Albion — Organization of the armed Airships of Spire Albion.

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The Albion Fleet is the organization of the armed of Airships for Spire Albion. It consists of two branches: the Albion Airships and the Albion Marines. The Fleet is similar to a Navy, only it's more like a combination of Navy and Airforce since the ship's fly—they are Airships. Each Spire has its own fleet of Airships. Each has its own uniform colors and symbols and flags.

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The Home Fleet consists of a "corps of twenty Roc-class battleships"—huge ships (twenty times the size of AMS Predator). These ships are also slow to respond. Other ships that sail with them are lighter vessels, about fifty cruiser, destroyers of differing weights. They act as screen.[1]

Ranks, Rank Symbols and Rank Duties Edit

  • Admiral: ? -- Duties: top ranks of the Fleet
  • Commodore: three stripes on the coat sleeves — Duties: commander of a flotilla of airship's. [2]
  • Captain: two stripes on the coat sleeves — Duties: commander of a single airship. [3]

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See main article: Albion Airships

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  • AAV - The first mention of a Auroran fleet designator is “ASA”; at the end of the book the designator “AAV” is used for the Itasca. 
  • AMS - Albion Merchant Ship
  • AFS - (Assumption) - AFS stands for Aetherium Fleet Ship
  • AR - After Reformation (inside Hardback book cover - AR is spelled out on Priscilla Spencer's copper plate map)
  • ASA - The first mention of a Auroran fleet designator is “ASA”; the designator “AAV” is used for the Itasca at the end of the book.

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

During the attack on Spire Albion by the Auroran Fleet, the Albion ships were lured out, leaving the Spire vulnerable to boarding Auroran Marines.[4] Since the Council has declared war, Fleet is recalling all habbled men to active service, as well as reservists in the Merchant Fleet.[5]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

Book References Edit

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