Fleet Shipyards — for Fleet and Merchant Airships.

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Fleet Shipyards for Spire Albion, located on the roof of Habble Morning—top of the spire.

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There were docks an ship's and people everywhere. There was no ceiling, which was very disorienting to women who lived all of their lives inside the Spire. The sudden exposure to daylight was frightenly bright.

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Airships enter the Shipyard from the sky.

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A spiral ramp leads from Habble Morning to the shipyards. It ends at a guarded gate. [1]

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There is a metal gate with around 20 Albion marines on guard.[1]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

An Auroran airship the ASA Ciervo, dived down out of the mists into an attack on the Albion shipyards. Predator left its dock before the rest—Captain Grimm knew her war cry. We're I An air raid siren sounded off in the Habble just below the yard. Ciervo blew up three ships in succession, two close to the Predator—AFS Chivalrous, Merchantman Tinker, and Surplus. Grimm spotted a piece of parachute and knew that they were about to drop marines and that their own marines were in the air on ships with Admiral Watson. Grim and crew went ashore to waylay the invading Auroran Marines.[3]

Bridget takes the long walk up the ramp with Captain Grimm and Rowl. She gets quit disoriented when first seeing the sky within no ceiling in the way. She closely observes the ship, marveling at all the wood.[2]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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