Franklin Tagwynn is the owner of a meat vattery, Bridget's father, and one of the two last members of House Tagwynn.

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'Franklyn Tagwynn is Bridget's father and one of the last two surviving members of House Tagwynn. He owns the Tagwynn Meat Vattery which grows meat for Habble Morning and operates it with his daughter.

Franklin seems to have led a fairly uneventful life. He is descended from Admiral Tagwynn, from which his family's only claim as one of the High Houses comes. His wife died many years ago, and he raised his daughter Bridget alone.

He seems to have a close relationship with the cats, as his daughter does to the extent of having been granted the cat name of "Wordkeeper".[1]

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Franklin is enormous and blocky. Wide shoulders thick arms,with muscles like slabs of stone. He wore a white apron with a belt holding special carving knives used in a meat vattery. His raw-iron colored hair was rumpled.[2]

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He is gentle and loving to his daughter. And seems to be wise in his manner with her.

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1. Aeronaut's Windlass Edit

Franklin urges Bridget to come out of hiding at the vattery, since it is time for her to join the Spirearch's Guard. Though Bridget is reluctant to fulfill her father's obligations, she eventually becomes resigned to it. He repeats how proud he is of her before her departure, and arranges for her to be accompanied by Rowl.[1]

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