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An offensive weapon commonly used in the Spires, especially by the Spirearch's Guard.


Leather through copper casework around the forearm.[1] The gauntlets are made up of a copper cage around the hand and lower arm, and contain a crystal that can be used to fire blasts of energy.

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  • The strength of the blast seems to depend on the intention of the wearer.
  • Gauntlets are less powerful than Long Guns. Long guns can blow whole stones out a wall instead of just chips of stones. (Ref?)

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Gauntlets are primed for use by the wearer mentally.[1]

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Side Hazards Edit

  • They are not design for steady discharge—overheat. "The copper wires that served as a cage for the weapons Crystal, encasing the user'er forearm, smoldered, heated, and began to glow."[2]
  • If used too often, the copper becomes hot and can set the wearer's clothing on fire. [3]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Gwen fires her gauntlet near Captain Esterbrook to prove to her mother how serious she is.If used too often, the copper becomes hot and can set the wearer's clothing on fire.[1] Bridget is not so good with gauntlet training.[5] Gauntlet fire is spotted by Creedy at the Lancaster Vattery and Grimm and crew go there to stop the Auroran Marines.[6] Efferus Effrenus Ferus took on enemy intruders who entered his home blasting their gauntlets. Using his Crystal Cane, he raised it in fron of him and the Crystal soaked in the deadly etheric energy of the guntlets. They overheated from the steady discharge and burned their arms while they struggled to remove their gauntlets.[2]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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