Gwendolyn Margaret Elizabeth Lancaster is the only daughter of the ruling family of House Lancaster, and as such has been both trained and pampered for most of her life.

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Because of her aristocratic background, Gwen is somewhat sheltered compared to her companions. She tends to think about what is right rather than what is realistically expedient, and sometimes causes more trouble than she prevents by getting involved. She remains on the side of custom, but often doesn't realize that it has political consequences.

Confident and assertive to the extreme despite her petite physicality and limited experience.

However, she is also extremely intelligent and technically proficient, even impressing Journeyman with her knowledge of crystals and power systems.

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Addison called Gwen, Bridget, Rowl, and Benedict to his office, Grimm was already there. Ferus an Folly joined them. He gives them all a mission—each having their own task, but no one but Ferus knows the objective. That's so no one can divulge any secrets if captured. Benedict is to protect Ferus, Gwen is the "smoother"—smoothing the way through obstacles to Ferus' mission. Bridget and Rowl will serve as his liaisons to the local Cats. Grimm and his crew are their transport and backup.[3]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Gwen is first seen defying her mother, Lady Lancaster, with her determination to join the Spirearch's Guard. After blasting some walls and a door, she departs.[4] Her training is done by Captain Cavallo who trains the new recruits in the Guard. Her cousin Benedict Sorellin-Lancaster is also in the Guard with her on his third tour of duty. She befriends Bridget Tagwynn, after intervening in a fight between Bridget and the obnoxious Reginald Astor—but her untimel interference managed to get Bridget entangled in a duel with the arrogant idiot.[5] She and Benedict helped train Bridget for the forthcoming duel with Reginald.[6] The duel was interrupted by an attack from Auroran Fleet, led by the ASA Ciervo.[7] She, Benny, and Bridget save Barnabus from fallen debris and enter the Ventilation Tunnels to shelter from falling debris. They get ambushed by Auroran Marines led by Diego Ciriaco. Diego holds Bridget hostage and Gwen holds his explosives hostage. They hold at a stand-off for several hours until Grimm and his crew arrive.[8]

Because of her newness to the service, she was sent with a team by the Spirearch on a mission, transported by Grimm.[3] On board the Predator, Gwen is suspicious of Grimm because he's a Fleet outcast—of his reasons for saving the Lancaster Vattery and also her and her friends. She questions Creedy, Grimm and Kettle and decides to wait-and-see about Grimm in the face of deep loyalty by his crew.[1] In the Landing Shipyards, Gwen hired Grady to be their runner to guide them to a hotel. He led them into an ambush set by a local Guild of thieves. She discharged her gauntlet at the footpad following them, he ran off. She then chased off Grady.[9]

Team goes to Temple of the Way and talks in over tea with Brother Vincent.[10] Team goes to the Black Horse Inn and discuss how to proceed. Bridget and Benedict dissuade her from going along to make contact with House Nine-Claws—her "Gwenness" ways would be counterproductive.[11] He and Gwen talk with Ferus in the common room while he drinks to "change his mind"—track to local Etherealist and lock him/her from tracking him. Gwen and Ferus talk philosophy.[12]

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  • She said to Benedict, "I'm a perfect idiot," and began walking to the tables. ... The Spirearch lifted one eyebrow and glanced at Benedict. ... "That's Gwenish for, 'I apologize,'" — Gwen to Benedict to Lord Albion [13]
  • "Miss Lancaster, having taken note of your talents and your obvious, ah, determination to stay the course, regardless of how Ill-conceived it may be, I am sending you along to be a smoother." ... "A what?" ... "Your duty is to smooth the way for Master Ferus's inquisition. The inquisition must keep moving forward. You are to avoid, overcome, or knock down any obstructions that may block his path." ... Gwen found herself frowning. "I'm not sure I understand how to do that." ... "I'm not sure you know how to do anything else," Benedit quipped.[14]
  • "Your diplomatic efforts so far have consisted of instigating a duel, threatening detachment of Fleet Marines with charges of treason, throwing away a tidy little fortune in bribes, and aruptly discharging a Gauntlet into an otherwise nonviolent situation." ... "But—" ... "Twice." — Benedict to Gwen [11]
  • "Oh, God in Heven man, do gather up your scrotum and fight!" Gwen snarled.[15]

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