Spire (shanghai tower)

This Spire will be played by a very tall tower in Shanghai.

Habble Risen is one of the lower Habbles of Spire Albion.

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Benedict was once sent there to reclaim some stolen weapons crystals by the Spirearch.

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

One time when Benedict was serving a year with the Guard, he was sent on a mission by Lord Albion with a small team to Habble Risen to locate a missing shipment of weapons crystals. The crystals were found with some thieves who refused to relinquish them. There was a skirmish in which a guardsman was badly wounded, Benedict killed two armed thieves and he was stabbed dealing with the rest. Benedict received the Order of the Spire.[1]

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  1. Aeronaut's Windlass, ch. 9, p. 100
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