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Represented by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Lady Lancaster, aka Helen Lancaster — The matriarch of House Lancaster ,

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Lady Lancaster is the mother of Gwen Lancaster, the wife of Lord Lancaster and matriarch of House Lancaster. They reside in Lancaster Manor and their house owns Lancaster Vattery that makes Crystals.[1] She taught Her daughter everything she knows about crystals.[2]

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She is exceedingly knowledgeable about Crystals, Crystal making, Crystal technology and the uniqueness of many individual crystals.[2]

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Stubborn, stern, and knows her daughter well enough that to get her to what she actually wants her to do, she has to appear to oppose the very thing she is aiming for.[1]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Lady Lancaster is seen sternly forbidding her daughter Gwen from joining the Spirearch's Guard. She wished for her daughter to attend either Lady Hadshaw’s Finishing Academy or the Etheric Engineering Academy, but Gwen refused both. When Lady Lancaster attempted to stop her daughter physically and through the armsmen, Gwen proceeded to blast her way out of the house. After Gwen's departure, Lady Lancaster reveals that it was all a test, and that she was manipulating Gwen through reverse psychology. She experienced a similar fight with her mother, except with more property damage, before joining the Guard herself.[1]

After Captain Francis Grimm stopped the Auroran Marines from taking the Lancaster Vattery, Lord Lancaster and Lady Lancaster offer their residence as a hospital for his wounded. They witnessed the entire battle from inside Lancaster Manor. They sent Captain Esterbrook to deliver the message.[4]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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