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Mirl (House of the Silent Paws)

About Edit

Mirl is a Cat who lives in Habble Morning. She works as one of Maul’s Whiskers (spies and hunters)

Description Edit

Mirl is small, but swift and intelligent, with black fur and green.

Personality Edit

saucy and sarcastic

Other Details Edit

  • She seems interested in Rowl who thinks about composing a song for her

Back Story Edit

Maul and Longthinker had once sent her on a trail that led her to Habble Landing where she saw monks fight training in the Temple of the Way in a form similar to what she and Rowl observed Benedict teaching Bridget.

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Events Edit

Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

She found Rowl where he was watching Bridget Tagwynn train for her upcoming duel. She reported to him news from his father--that cats are still going missing by mysterious unknown creatures laying in wait in the Cat tunnels. Cats from othe tribes in other Habbles have also gone missing. Longthinker doesn't know what is causing the disappearances. [1]

Quotes Edit

  • Rowl watched her go the insufferable female. He stared after her for a moment, his tail lashing thoughtfully. Insubordinate—but quick. And beautiful. And never, ever boring. Perhaps he would compose a song for her. — Rowl, thinking. [2]

Book Refernces Edit

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