Mistshark — The airship of Captain Calliope Ransom.

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The Mitshark is a merchantman airship


She is painted "smuggler black" with white marks and bigger than the Predator by a third. The sails the color of storm clouds and badly stained by smoke. She does not possess armor, but is more heavily armed than Predator and previously was considered faster.

Flag(s) Edit

  • The ship currently flies Dalosian colors.[1]
  • White star on a bisects red and blue field.[2]


Character/ Personality Edit

Mistshark is a merchant ship, but she seems to be more like a smuggling or pirate ship. A ship whose services may be bought by the highest bidder by her captain, with no true loyalties.[3]

Details Edit

  • Grimm once lost a race to her when her first mate, Santos sabotaged the main Haslett cage on the AMS Predator. So now Captain Ransom can claim robe the fastest ship.[3]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

The ship pulled into the Habble Landing Shipyards and her captain—Calliope Ransom—asked permission to come aboard the AMS Predator. She offered a job to Grimm to take a shipmen to Spire Olympia—he refused.[3] Mistshark destroys theHabble Landing Shipyards with al of the docked ships in it—saving AMS Predator for last.[4] Grim give chase using Holly's ability to locate her masters collection. Stern had painted the Haslett Cage with Grimm's stew which will slow the ship down. [5]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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