Spire Piker

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Spire Piker is another of the Spires. It is where Pikers are from and it's known for Bees.

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Spire Piker's inhabitants are small, lean and worn looking. Their faces are marked with fine spiraling ritual scar patterns. [1]

Major Business and Export Edit

  • They are expert at bee keeping
  • Honey is the major item of export.

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Bridget Tagwynn observes them while walking through Habble Landing with the Team to the Temple of the Way.[1] There are many bees at the Temple of the Way in the garden. It seems amazing that a bee colony was successfully tranported here to Albion. Only Pikers are known to have bees.[2] Their ship was one of the first to get blown up by the Mistshark at the Habble Landing Shipyards.[3] Piker doctor on the Mistshark treats Sycorax Cavendish. She weaves a not-so-veiled threat speaking with Renaldo Espira in front of him, that the Auroran Marines could take the ship from the crew. Because the ship is not going fast enough for Cavendish. He reports it to the Captain.[4]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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