Spirearch - the position of monarch of Spire Albion. Held by Lord Albion.


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His Majesty Addison Orson Magnus Jeremiah Albion. First Citizen of Albion--aka Addison or "Addy" for short, or Lord Albion.

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“The monarchy was a necessary evil at one time, Miss Lancaster. Now I’m largely obsolete, and quite content to have it that way. Your father and the Council manage the affairs of the Spire by consensus, and all the habbles are represented in a fashion that at times borders upon being fair. The only armed forces we need within the Spire are the Guard—-and they generally coordinate humanitarian efforts. I don’t rule, Miss Lancaster; nor did my father or grandfather. I just try to help my people when they need it.” ~ Addison to Gwen Lancaster [1]

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Spirearch's Recognition of Cats Edit

The Spirearch had an affidavit produced and notoroized by Judge Helena Solomon—and read by Esterbrook at the Duel between Bridget and Reginald Astor—that: Rowl and House of the Silent Paws had pledged their support to the Spirearch and were citizens in good standing of Habble Morning. It was a legal precedent and important moment in Spire Albion history.[2]

Spirearch's Mission Edit

Addison called Gwen, Bridget, Rowl, and Benedict to his office, Grimm was already there. Ferus an Folly joined them. He gives them all a mission—each having their own task, but no one but Ferus knows the objective. That's so no one can divulge any secrets if captured. Benedict is to protect Ferus, Gwen is the "smoother"—smoothing the way through obstacles to Ferus' mission. Bridget and Rowl will serve as his liaisons to the local Cats. Grimm and his crew are their transport and backup.[3]

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Gwen puts her foot in it when she starts to lecture him about propriety and manners of the High Houses. Then Benedict introduces them. [4] He selects a Team to accompany Efferus Effrenus Ferus and Folly to Habble Landing on a secret mission to stop the enemy Auroran Marines and some other mission kept secret. Grimm and Crew will assist.[3]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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Book References Edit

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