Madame Sycorax Cavendish is an Etherealist

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Sycorax Cavendish is an Etherealist who is working for Spire Aurora, though her true motivations seem to be a combination of her own desires, coupled with manipulations from The Voice. She was once an apprentice to Efferus Effrenus Ferus, but it seems that something happened between them which soured their relationship considerably.

Description Edit

  • Eyes: "cold flat grey of the mists"
  • Clothing: dark blue dress—well-fitted and elegant
  • Lean, predatory features,

Traits / Characteristics Edit

  • moved with calm precision, almost ritualistic.[1]
  • She seemed to have a searing sensually just below her controlled surface.

Character / Personality Edit

Cavendish is controlled by her need for absolute adherence to proper manners and social protocols.

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Habble Landing, Spire Albion

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Events Edit

1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

She entertains and plots with Major Espira over tea. He asked Her totes the the veracity of a Verminocitor's statement that he was working alone. [1] She questions the Verminocitor, Harris Moberly, and not with any weapons—yet the wails coming from the other room suggested great pain and horror. She says he was indeed working alone.[2] Sycorax Cavendish and Sark come on board the ship. She tells Grimm and Ferus that she has Folly and Bridget prisoner and she demands that she give her his wagons filled with his collection. He agrees—which causes him to go into a kind of coma.[3]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

Quotes Edit

  • "Indeed, Madame. You know how highly I regard you judgment and your skills." ... The barest hint of smile haunted one corner of her mouth. "Major. I know precisely what you think of me." She resettled her finger on her teacup and nodded slightly. — Renaldo Espira and Cavendish[1]
  • Madame Cavendish's voice come out in two pulses of dulcet music and the lumin crystals in the walls flickered a sullen scarlet in time with them. "Sit. Down." ... Espira's heart abruptly leapt into his throat, a thrill of something like distilled paiflshingthrough his belly. He arrested his momentu and clumsily—quickly—took his seat again. ... Madame Cavendish's Mouth widened into a smile, and she said, as if explaining to a child, "We are still having tea."[1]
  • "I trust you have arrangements in place to dispose of the remains, once I am finished." — Madame Cavendish[1]
  • "I am well aware that there are often two sides to any given story. Even when one side is Fleet Admiralty." — Sycorax Cavendish to Grimm [4]

Book References Edit

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