The voice in mist

The Voice is a mysterious power


A mysterious power that dwells somewhere outside Spire Albion, possibly on the surface .

Nature and Appearance

The Voice's appearance and its nature is unknown. It appears to have powerful telepathic abilities, and can use humans and other creatures as puppets, through which it can act directly.


In her astral projection, Folly perceived it as being a massive shape shrouded in mist, with heavy footsteps and a deep, mellifluous voice. She also saw three red lights overhead, which she thought might be the creature's eyes. It also made loud horn-like noises that were replied to by similar sounds, indicating that it may not be the only one of its kind.


The Aeronaut's Windlass

Both Ferus and Folly sense that some power is controlling both Sycorax Cavendish and the silkweavers, but it is not directly discovered until Folly had an out-of-body experience.

During this experience, Folly found herself on the surface. The Voice initially mistook her for Cavendish; upon realizing that she was someone new, it attempted to force her to serve it.  Angered by her resistance, it attempted to destroy her, but failed.


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