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Before "Aeronaut's Windlass."
After "Aeronaut's Windlass."

The method of chronology in the series is "AR" for "After Restoration," and 0 BAW corresponds with 352 AR.

History Edit

c. 2000-4000 BAW -- Predator's first generation power core begins growing. ("a few thousand years old")

c. 500 BAW -- Battlecruiser ASA Itasca arrives on the scene

c. 200 BAW / c. 150s AR -- New Dawn.  A period of time marked by "giddy days," after Gregor the Strong unites the Spire Albion habbles and forms a council to rule them.

19 BAW / 333 AR -- Folly born

17-18 BAW -- Benedict born (less than two years older than Gwen)

17 BAW / 335 AR -- Bridget born

16 BAW / 336 AR -- Gwen born

10 BAW / 342 AR -- "The Perilous Incident."  Perilous' captain is killed and his XO is beaten into a coma.  After bringing the warship home safely through pirate-infested waters, Lieutenants Bayard and Rook advance to Lieutenant-Commander, and Lieutenant Grimm is drummed out of the service for cowardice. Shortly after, Grimm becomes merchant captain of the newly-named Predator

1 1/2 BAW / 350 AR -- 18 months BAW, Grimm becomes a privateer.  Stern follows him from Fleet service.

The Cinder Spires Edit

0 BAW / 352 AR -- Events of "Aeronaut's Windlass"

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