Warriorborn eyes

I can see in the dark!

A group of individuals who appear to have been hybridized with felines, in order to make them more effective soldiers.

About Edit

The warriorborn are apparently not native to just one Spire, since both Albion and Aurora have warriorborn Marines. Cats refer to them as "half-souled." The warriorborn mostly look and act like ordinary humans. However, their physical capabilities are greater than that of any human, including speed, endurance and reflexes.

Description Edit

  • They can be identified by their slitted cat-like pupils, which some of them (like Captain Esterbrook) hide behind shaded spectacles.
  • Supple, lean bodies, frequently tall
  • They moved with a grace not common to humans

Abilities and Strengths Edit

  • increased strength, speed, agility, endurance and reflexes, etc.
  • can see well in the dark.

Characteristics Edit

  • His body burned hotter than other humans, though not as hot as a Cat's—he had to eat more frequently than them.[1]
  • tend to focus well on the present and their immediate surroundings over long range possibilities. [2]
  • "...have the blood and strength of lions in their limbs."[3]
  • larger than average canine teeth. [4]

Reception in Society Edit

  • The High Houses generally tended to view them as "unseemly", and best served in armed services or bodyguards.[5]
  • they are often the subject of demeaning name-calling.
  • Some viewed them with a great deal of respect for their skill
  • Finding relationships leave them with limited options due to the way they are viewed by society in general.

Known Wariorborn Edit

Book References Edit

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