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Wood is a relatively rare substance in the Spires.

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Wood only grows on the Surface fare below the Spires. There are no Vatterys for the making of wood. The use of Wood is rare because the Surface is filled with so many frightening creatures and other dangers. That makes it very costly to acquire.

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The Builders built the Spires out of Spirestone—an extremely durable substance that no one know where it came from or how to duplicate it. Most of the Habbles in various Spires modify their given space by adding or repairing with various substances. Masonry is the most common. Wood is far more rare in use. It is mostly found in wealthy homes. And mostly in Habble Morning where the families of the High Houses reside. However—Habble Landing is a big exception. Because Landing has its own shipyards, it has booming trade and black market. Many of the building there have wood modifications—most have wooden doors—and many are fully made of wood.[1]


It appears to be rarer in some Spires than others, since Spire Albion uses it more freely than Spire Aurora. This may also be economy and wealth and cultural tastes based.

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1. Aeronaut's WindlassEdit

Major Renaldo Espira or the Auroran Marines remarks to himself on all the wood he sees in Habble Landing as he walks to the home of Sycorax Cavendish, knowing that he is there, in part, to destroy it.[3] All of the wood makes it easier for the Auroran Marines to burn on their way to the Habble Landing Shipyards.[4] Grimm witnessed the citizens of Landing led by the Criminal Guilds fighting the fire and helping the children escape it in an organized fashion.[5]

2. The Olympian AffairEdit

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